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Brewing an Adventure

Veer is getting geared up! We are excited to give a teaser for what's in our near future, and hopefully your near future too! 

In just a few weeks, Veer will set off for a spectacular bikepacking tour to showcase the release of our Split Belt Pro. These conversion kits will give compatibility to Rohloff, Sturmey Archer, Nexus, Alfine, and more to come. Our new conversion kit will ride through rugged terrain and the length of Oregon! 

Kayla Lopez, Veer's Creative Director, will be saddling up on a Sage Titanium Barlow (brewed in Oregon) with a Rohloff hub. Francie C. will be riding on a converted Surly Straggler. More gear specs to come!

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Veer Split Belt Pro Bike Tour Sage Titanium BarlowVeer Split Belt Pro Bike Tour Sage Titanium BarlowVeer Split Belt Pro Bike Tour Sage Titanium BarlowVeer Split Belt Pro Bike Tour Rohloff HubVeer Split Belt Pro Bike Tour Sage Titanium BarlowSage Titanium Bicycle Barlow


  • Hi guys,
    This technology has been used with industrial timing belts for serval years – great to see it’s application in the bike world – do you have a UK distributor yet ? Or can I order direct ?

    Mr Mark J Binham
  • Hi Val,
    The Journey has begun and ended! You can see photos on our instagram, VeerCycle. Blog posts about the adventure will be coming up soon. Cheers!

  • Hi Damo,
    Our Split Belt Pro will have compatibility with Rohloff hubs and can be used with recumbents as long as there is clearance for a straight beltline. We can also ship to Australia. Unfortunately, we have yet to develop a bafang specific belt drive kit that has the correct mounting for the front belt ring. If you have any other questions feel free to email us at!

  • Has the journey begun yet? There is no date on this webpage!

  • hey unreal system will we be able to use on recumbents like mine with rohloff hub/ ? and can we use befang mid drive motor systems and will u ship to us in australia cheers


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