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Introducing the Link Bot P1000


Hello everyone! CEO of Veer, Sean Hacking here.


Getting our Split Belt systems seamlessly installed on bicycles in bulk on the assembly floors of our OEM partners is the most efficient way to get bicycles into the hands of consumers.


Introducing our newest development, the Link Bot P1000. This tool was designed, prototyped, and built right here in our very own lab.


Putting the Link Bot P1000 on assembly lines enables efficient installation of our belt drive at scale, assembling over 500 bikes per day, per machine, with an ultra-speedy pneumatic tool. Installation of one belt on a bike takes less than 60 seconds.


This is the first of many machines and robots that we will be manufacturing in order to build out the infrastructure needed by our growing number of OEM partners.


One of our most important strengths is our human capital. As a result, we have developed a strong engineering team who can accomplish anything they put their minds to. Our engineers take pride in their work and have a strong desire to innovate and push themselves, and this is just one great example.


Tools like these usually take companies years to design, prototype, test, and bring to production but our engineers were able to do it in 5 months because of the extensive R&D and prototyping facility we’ve built out in house. This allows us to move quickly as we grow the business and not be constrained by relying on other people to make prototype parts for us.


We are dedicated to supporting our OEM partners in achieving their goals, ensuring they are successful with our products. This means we are putting our engineering team to work and building out a slew of tools and instruments to make integration of our components easy. 


For more information on the Link Bot P1000, we’ve included a video for you to watch if you are interested!


We look forward to keeping our investors and supporters updated on all of the exciting stuff we have in store in the near future.


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As always, thank you for your continued support and belief in our vision. Keep riding!

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