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Sea Otter 2018 Rusted Chain Competition

Veer Sea Otter Classic Competition 2018 from VEER on Vimeo.

We had such a blast at the Sea Otter Classic last week. We met so many enthused future customers, converted bikes on the spot, and watched the dedicated racers. Great job out there!

Veer converts a Niner bike for Fame Up Bike Shop

We brought a jar filled with rusty old chains from bikes we've converted to the split belt drive. If you attended, you know how gross those chains were. 

Veer Raffle Sea Otter Classic 2018

We put a Split Belt M1 on the table for a lucky person that could guess how many rusted chain links were inside the jar. Oh boy did we get a wide array of answers. Everywhere from 100 to 800!

For those of you who put 420 as a joke, you were not far off! However, our lucky winner was Paul with a guess of 412 links! 

See you next year!

Veer at Sea Otter Classic 2018

Veer converts Alter Cycle at Sea Otter Classic 2018

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