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The Top 5 Reasons to Invest in Veer

Hi, my name is Sean Hacking, I'm the Founder and CEO at Veer. 

We are solving the problem of bicycles and electric vehicles of all types by replacing outdated chain drives with our proprietary, lightweight, carbon fiber drivetrains.

These are the top five reasons you should invest in our company on StartEngine.

Tapping Into a Multi-Trillion Dollar Industry

If we're just talking about the cycling industry, it's worth over 72 billion dollars a year and it's growing fast. 

In fact, in some segments, e-bikes for example, doubled in the last year which is just insane. We're operating in a large and dynamic market right now, and I think we're on the cusp of something big in the way people get around. 

We're hopeful and excited to help enable this transition away from polluting cars and people stuck in traffic. At the end of the day, we aim to empower designers to build amazing ways to get around, and that can be fun and useful for everyone.

Veer Has Landed Various Partnerships in the Industry

We've seen a major growth in partnerships that we make with other businesses and brands that we're working with. We recently had an all hands meeting about our customers and delivery, and just in the last few months we brought on eight new e-bike brands. 

Some of these brands haven't launched their next model, so I'm not going to steal their thunder. But for example, there's a Canadian brand called Lyric, which we started working with. An American e-bike brand called Watt Wagons, and a European brand called Blurby, just to name a few. 

That's not even counting the 20 brands that are going into testing with us. We’ve also started working with three electric moped and motorcycle companies. 

We've really seen an explosion in interest, especially in e-bikes and electric motorcycles. We’ve also seen it across all segments of cycling and light transportation in general.

Experiencing Exponential Growth 

If we're talking about these e-bike brands that we partnered with in the last three months, their forecasted orders make up over a million dollars over the next six months, which would mean we're growing at 10X year over year. 

It's crazy to see how much interest there's been lately, especially in new components and new ways of increasing the usefulness and durability of bikes and light vehicles.

Strong and Experienced Leadership Team

When I got into this, I came from biotechnology and automation engineering. I brought a real strong engineering mindset, plus my passion for cycling and just anything that moves fast. 

I know that I didn't have such a strong business background and that's why I brought on Kelly Burr, who has personally delivered and designed over a million bikes into the market. With his product development, global business experience, and operating a large bike brand in the past, we're able to come together to really make this happen. 

I think we've proved that with just the deliveries that we’ve made so far.

Veer Enables Healthy and Sustainable Living

We can actually help improve sustainability and human health around the world. 

We do that by enabling the idea of getting away from the mode of traveling everywhere by cars. Cars are great for longer distances, but over 50% of US car trips are only between 0-5 miles. We want to facilitate this entire transition towards electrification and small vehicles for getting around and being more local. We’re talking about taking your bike to drop your kids off at school, going shopping, or just exploring your neighborhood. 

We can enable higher durability on these vehicles, meaning you don't have to throw so much stuff away, and you don't have to have so many breakdowns. Increased time riding means you want a vehicle that is reliable and easy to maintain. We can help provide that.

Become an Early Shareholder in Veer Today!

For these reasons, now's the time to invest in Veer. 

I'd encourage you to check out our campaign page, where we already have over 600 investors. 

You can join our mission and become an early investor on StartEngine for as low as $298.88!

I'm really excited for you to be part of this community and movement, and help us drive this industry forward.

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