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Why Veer? 4 Reasons Why Our Belt Drive is Changing The Game

At Veer, we’re embracing the future by creating custom carbon fiber belt drives that are lighter, more durable, and more accessible than ever before.

Veer’s Split Beltis our latest and greatest belt drive system.

Our carbon fiber drivetrains replace dated chain drives for bicycles and light electric vehicles - with the goal to provide a better drive solution as urban transportation evolves.

At Veer we’re passionate about making bikes safer and more user-friendly, while pushing the limits of innovation and design. We want to make belt drives more accessible for more people so everyone can enjoy not only the benefits of belt drives but the benefits of riding a bike. Having more fun and less stress while you ride means more motivation to get out there on the road. 

Here’s how we’re changing the way people ride.

Ease of Mind

Our carbon fiber belts last at least 2X as long, and often 5X or more than your average chain. If you're looking for a super durable drivetrain that you can just forget about for a couple years, then we've got you covered!


Our belts do not experience "stretch" in the same way chains do. When a chain starts to get worn out, the distance from pin to pin gets longer as the metal starts to grind away. This is caused by continual sliding surface friction between the pin and bushing of the inner plate. This "stretch" can lead to less efficiency, less precise shifting, and accelerated wear as the sprocket teeth and chain don’t mesh perfectly causing more grinding. 


Belts on the other hand don't have any metal on metal friction happening. This means that over time you don't see the same type of "stretch" you see on chains and your components last much longer. Replacing your components less often means more time in the saddle and more money in your pockets.


Whether you put lots of miles on your drivetrain or just want something that will last longer than one season, our belt drive is your answer. Perfect for the avid tourer, bikepacker, and commuter! 

Upgrade Your Favorite Bike

In the past, you needed to put a split in the bike frame in order to adopt belt drives. That is because other belts are only produced in a continuous circle, meaning it can't be thread through the rear frame triangle in the same way as a chain.  So the only way for a rider to get a belt driven bike was for a bike manufacturer to choose to split their frame and adopt a belt drive, then sell you a full bike. We wanted to make belt drives more accessible and put the decision of upgrading to belt drive in the hands of the rider.


Forget about going through the expensive hassle of cutting your frame or purchasing a whole new belt specific bike. For the first time, Veer’s Split Beltenables the rider to use their existing bike by simply swapping out the drivetrain. Our Split Belt allows you to thread the belt through the rear frame triangle and pin it back together like a chain.


Small, custom builders can now easily offer belt drives without investing a lot of money and time into making a split joint for just one frame. Carbon fiber frames that are notoriously hard to add a split to can now be belt drive equipped, and large bike brands don't have to completely redesign their frames to add belts to their established lineup.


Any rider can now experience all the benefits of a belt drive. Upgrade the bike you already own and love without any hassle!

Limitless Options

Belts are manufactured in loops in specific lengths, which causes limitations to the sizes available for any application. With only specific sizes available, designers are constrained in what they can build.


With Split Belt, we can cut belts to any custom size with ease! This opens up the possibility for any bike to use a belt drive. Have a custom tandem that is catered to your specific build? We have a belt drive for that. Long tail e-cargo bike used for deliveries? We have a belt drive for that too. Designers can now conceive their ideal bikes without that barrier.

No Mess or Maintenance

Unlike a chain, our Split Belt™ doesn't require any grease in order to function smoothly and efficiently. No more rolled up pant legs and chain marks on your calf on your way to work. Throw your bike over your shoulder without worrying about the grease stain you have to get out of your shirt later. 


Forget to bring your bike in from the rain? Not a problem for our rust-free belt drive! Live near the ocean and that salty air is eating away at your components? Our components can handle the elements. Our belt is made of HNBR rubber and the pins holding the splice together are stainless steel, meaning rusty parts are a thing of the past! For those extra dirty rides, just hose down your drivetrain and you're good to go!


Our belt drive is virtually maintenance free, just set it and forget it. Don't worry about the last time you greased your chain when you hop on your commuter bike in the morning. Busy families can think less about bike upkeep and kids can hop on that cargo bike without getting greasy. Less time working on your bike means more time for riding.

Our Belt Drive is Rejuvenating the Cycling Game

Veer’s Split Beltis changing the game.

Our belt drive has superior strength and durability, no frame splitting, low maintenance, and a proven solution for bicycles and light electric vehicles. 

Learn how our belt drive is changing the game on StartEngine, one vehicle at a time.

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