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Veer’s $20K Investor, Gregory Evans, Leaves Raving Endorsement!

Hello Veer community!

Gregory Evans is a physician, as well as a lead investor who contributed $20K to Veer’s equity crowdfunding campaign on StartEngine!

Gregory was looking to get into the alternative transportation industry in some way, but with so many bike brands out there he wasn’t sure which direction to go. After coming across Veer, he decided to invest in us since our carbon fiber Split Belt™️ can serve them all.

Having children who needed to go through college, he understood the importance of investing. There are many ways to invest, but most of them don’t give you any insight in the market or the companies you're investing in. You're basically just letting other people manage your money for you.

Passion holds a soft spot in Gregory’s heart. When he found out about startup investing, he knew he would be able to not only invest in companies, but the people that are passionate enough to make these startups they’re entire life as well.

“Investing in startups is much more fun, and you have an opportunity to go along the journey with them.”

When he found Veer, he realized there was room for innovation and that we would essentially be able to supply all of these bike companies with a product that replaced dated, greasy bike chains.


He could relate to our team at Veer, and he knew that we were passionate about our product and that he wanted to get involved in our company.


Gregory believes in the company, and he believes in the people behind it.


Thank you for the vote of confidence, Gregory! We’re stoked to have you as a partner, and we’re looking forward to crushing many milestones together in the near future.


To join Gregory and 700+ other early investors, visit our raise page on StartEngine and become a shareholder for as little as $298.88 today.


Thank you in advance for your support!

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