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Veer Split Belt Pro Rohloff Rear Sprocket

Rohloff Compatible Rear Sprocket Replacement


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Going on an extra long bikepacking expedition or just want an extra replacement sprocket around the house? Grab a replacement Rohloff compatible rear sprocket for your Split Belt Pro Belt Drive.

Rear Sprocket Only. Compatible with Split Belt Pro Belt Drive. 


  • 30 Teeth
  • 8mm Tooth Pitch
  • Material: Nickel-Plated Chromoly
  • Proprietary Guide Flanges
  • Splined Rohloff Speedhub Mounting compatible
  • 106 grams
  • 54.75 mm beltline
  • Equivalent to 19T Chain Sprocket


Ask a Question
  • What is the diameter and width (at the teeth level) of this cog? would like to make sure it will fit my frame.

    Width is 18mm and diameter is 75mm!

  • On this product page you saythe beltline is 54.75 mm. In the PDF "Checking Fitment - For your bike before purchase of Split Belt Pro" you wtite the beltline is 45.74 mm. Where is the transposed digits?

    On our Fitment Page, where the Rohloff "Adjusted Beltline" is 45.74mm, we are adjusting for half of the width of our front beltring, 9mm. The Adjusted Beltline on the Fitment Page is not the true beltline for Rohloff since the goal of the Fitment Page is to find the point of intersection of our components and your frame. Rohloff's true beltline is 54.75mm!