30 Tooth Alfine or Nexus Compatible. No guides, tensioner needed.

Split Belt Pro - Coming Soon


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The Split Belt Pro is the next generation of our belt drive conversion kits. The kit offers an optimized design, increased compatibility and increased adjustability. Making it easier than ever to convert any bike into your very own belt bike. 

New beltrings are being designed to fit onto a wider set of cranks and spiders. 

We will soon offer rear sprockets that fit the majority of the internally geared hubs on the market today. These include Shimano Alfine and Nexus, Sturmey Archer, and Rohloff. We also fit fixed gear sprockets and are working on freewheel compatibility. 

All of our sprockets are optimized to run quietly and efficiently at lower tension than most belt drives. We currently have three different sizes in production, and will be adding more options to our web store in the coming months.

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Items Included in Kit:

  • New Beltring
  • Rear Sprocket
  • Custom sized, spliced, carbon fiber belt
  • Rivets 
  • New Tensioner

Sprocket Features: 

  • Coated 4140 cro-molly steel offers incredible strength and wear resistance
  • Slotted teeth shed mud and debris
  • CNC machined for high precision 
  • Compatible with internally geared hubs

Questions & Answers

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  • Hi I'm confused about "split belt". Does this mean the belt can be adjusted for length like a chain? Thanks

    By "Split Belt" we mean the belt is spliced so you can run the belt through your rear triangle without needing a split in your frame. As opposed to all other belt drives that utilize a fully enclosed belt that can't be taken apart. Our belts our custom cut to length to fit your bike perfectly, so you don't have to adjust the length yourself. Hope that helps!

  • Are these belts compatible with any flopsy sprockets?

    The belts are compatible with flopsy sprockets. Our Split Belt Pro is set to release in the fall and will offer compatibility with freewheels and fixed geared sprockets for flip flop hubs. Cheers!

  • pitch?

    We utilize 8mm pitch belts!

  • Hey Congrats on Eurobike start up award! I’ll try and keep this short. I had an original gates belt drive without centertrack. It was a PIA to keep the belt from migrating off the cog/chainring. In terms of addressing this, can VEER be prone to the same issues? I’m not trying to disparage here. If it’s not a problem with your product, I apologize in advance. Thanks Will

    Hi Will, 
    Thank you! We are pretty excited and honored to have received the award.
    We welcome all questions as we know we are still a young company and are sure lots of people are curious. Our Split Belt Pro, set to release in the fall, will have a new guidance design that keep the belt aligned correctly. As long as you install it correctly, alignment stays pretty spot on. Cheers!

  • Will there be a sprocket available that fits a SRAM Automatix hub?

    Hi Dylan, 

    There will be  a sprocket available for the SRAM Automatix hub with the release of the Split Belt Pro coming in the fall. Join our mailing list to stay updated on specifics of new releases and limited offer discounts