🎉Another Partner Highlight: Detroit Bikes!

🎊 Detroit Bikes, based in (you guessed it) Detroit, USA, previously the automobile capital of the world, is still manufacturing vehicles but this time we are talking about much smaller ones. They’ve teamed up with Veer to upgrade their electric bikes which are being manufactured right in Detroit, from welding, powder coating, to assembly! This collaboration shines a light on our Split Belt Pro product and Tensioner accessory, which gives them design flexibility. Veer's ability to transform traditional designs into modern, efficient, electric-powered bikes makes us a key player in the industry.

🚲Our Tensioner and Split Belt Pro enables bike brands (OEMs) to retrofit existing bike designs originally intended for chain drives without the need for redesign and to remanufacture new frames, which is needed when working with our competition. This spares Detroit Bikes costly redesigns and tooling expenses. Their lightweight yet powerful electric bike weighs only 32lbs. This is the ebike for people who don't want a cumbersome, clunky ebike but want the modern-day convenience and tech. 

⚡Detroit Bikes also integrates Zehus' rear motor and battery unit which perfectly complements Veer's ethos and our products. Zehus, much like Veer, prioritizes unobtrusive solutions that preserve the bike's original design while electrifying it. This synergy between Veer and Zehus signifies a commitment to innovation that doesn't compromise the integrity of traditional bike designs, and an indication of where the industry is headed. 

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