The Benefits of the VEER Belt Drive


Our carbon fiber belts last at least 2x as long, and often 5x or more than your average chain. Whether you put lots of miles on your drivetrain, or ride it through unforgiving weather, our belt drive can handle it. Belts don’t experience “stretch” like chains do, allowing them to last much longer. Perfect for your avid tourer and bikepacker!

No Frame Splitting

Forget about going through the hassle of cutting your frame or purchasing a whole new belt specific bike. For the first time, Veer’s Split Belt™ enables the rider to use their existing bike by simply swapping out the drivetrain. Custom builders can now easily offer belt drives in their lineup, even for carbon fiber frames. Upgrade the bike you already own and love to a belt drive with no hassle!


Feel like you’re gliding with our super smooth belt system. With better belt on teeth contact than chains, transfer of power is much more immediate to give you a more responsive ride. It’s also extremely quiet so you can stealthily charge on that rider in front of you or just zen out and enjoy your time.

Low Maintenance

Unlike a chain, our Split Belt™ is rust-free and only requires a hose down for those real dirty rides. With a belt drive there’s no need for chain lube so you can say goodbye to greasy or wrinkled pant legs on your way to work. Busy families can think less about bike upkeep and kids can hop on that cargo bike without getting dirty. Less time working on your bike means more time for riding.

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