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Our Team

Sean Hacking
Founder, CTO

When Sean is not eating burritos, shredding mountain powder, or teaching himself rocket science, you can be sure every other second is spent thinking about how he can make changes to better our daily lives.

Growing up in a small town tucked in the Nor-Cal mountains, his dedication to both engineering and bikes came to be. From being carted by his parents in bike trailers at a young age, to building questionably large jumps with his siblings in adulthood, bikes have always been a passion.

Engineering has never been a question for Sean. In everyday life he constantly has ideas to better designs so everyone’s life is easier.

After studying Bio-engineering at UC Santa Cruz he worked with DNA synthesis in San Francisco and traveled the world. His selflessness wouldn't let him check out of all the problems in the world, even with the mountains of Laos treating him quite nicely. He started reading into patents while traveling on the trains in Taiwan, sketching on beaches in Bali, and designing his prototype in the jungles of Borneo. Upon his return he wasted no time tackling a longtime hassle with drive-trains. He saw a problem, a demand, and he knew he could provide something better.

Thus, the company was formed and the dedication to make biking hassle free for the masses began.  


Theron Hawley
Lead Product Designer

If anyone knows the plethora of bikes in Marin, the need for a great scarf, and attention to details, it's Theron. 

A Marin native, Theron grew up playing Warhammer and trekking the abundance of trails in the bay area mountains. Waking up at 3am to hike for the very best view of a Blood Moon is pretty normal for him.

After studying at Santa Clara he took his knowledge to complete a Product Design Masters program in Spain. He worked as a Production Engineer for Kortec in the bay area and helped keep their company on track. Settlers of Catan competition doesn't stand a chance against Theron, who has designed and lazer cut his own Catan board. When he finds interest in a product he goes to no end to develop it the very best way it can be done. 

Katrina Mounivong
Business Manager

Katrina spends her days consuming Napa valley wines, searching for the best ingredients for her homemade enchilada sauce, and helping file her friends taxes... for fun. Needless to say, for Katrina, business excites her. 

Growing up in the Northern California mountains, the outdoors have always been a constant in her life. It wasn’t until studying Biochemistry and Managerial Economics at UC Davis that biking became so integrated with her life. Hopping on her road bike to get from class, to work, to the rock gym, riding everyday was natural. Being a busy student though, bike maintenance was hard and a rusty chain was common. Hence, came the dedication to the growth of such an exciting new business with belt bikes.

Curiosity for learning is a constant in Katrina's life. She helps keep the team on track with what needs to get done, but you can also find Kat in the shop taking apart bikes and grilling the team with thoughtful questions. 

If you're wondering whose adorable pup is in our photos, you may thank Katrina for that. Her dog Lady is a lover of Veer, and Lady is happy the bikes ride smoothly so her bike walks are the best yet!

Kayla Lopez Creative Director for Veer

Kayla Lopez
Creative Director

No one can talk about how incredible the lighting is at a random hole in the wall cafe like Kayla. Her fan girl like appreciation for visuals energizes her own work, which dives into digital and fine art. 

Growing up in a small mountain town she developed her appreciation of cafes and being able to rally out to the river to sketch. You will never meet someone as stoked on life as Kayla. She always has her camera, a sketchbook, and microns nestled into her Watershed Drybag ready for anything to be created, wherever. 

She studied Art at UC Santa Cruz and was deeply ingrained with Kayak Club and the Recreation Department. After years of raft guiding on the American River, crushing waterfalls in her kayak, and shooting video in Chile for California Women's Watersport Collective, she is now dedicated to displaying the story of Veer through design. If she's not on her motorcycle she's on a belt bike. Her energy always keeps the team’s spirits high and her ideas keep the company fresh. Keep a look out for any of Kayla’s classic puns on our social media.

Daniel Hacking Veer Employee

Daniel Hacking
Lead Mechanic, Product Tester

"Brapppp" the sound many two wheeled machines make, may have been Daniel's first word. His first mountain biking routes were outside his front door growing up. Nevertheless, Daniel has never known a time he was fully separated from the biking industry. Although maybe during his recent treks through Nepal and Asia.  
Alongside his degree in Environmental Studies, he participated in the UCSB Mountain Bike Team. Shedding downhill in pass time, and building a wide range of bikes for Veer during work.