A Belt Drive for All

Introducing the first split belt drivetrain kit that can convert your bike to a belt drive.

Split Belt Drive

Why Split Belt?

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My bike with the Split Belt M1 is so quiet, so smooth, so clean, and so fun! It has been 9 months of continuous riding. I don’t own a car so I commute and do errands on my bike every day (over 5000 miles) and I still get a smile on my face when I jump on my bike and start to pedal.

Nik Ingle, Berkeley Physicist

Easy Belt Conversions

With our splicing technology it's now a breeze to add a belt to your bike frame. 

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Blog posts

Split Belt Pro Tour: Sage Bike Build

Split Belt Pro Tour: Sage Bike Build

Gearing up for our Split Belt Pro Tour means it's an excuse to build up a sick rig, like this Sage Titanium Barlow. Paired with our Split Belt Pro drivetrain and a Rohloff internally geared hub, it was ready to undertake a gravel bikepacking adventure on the Oregon Outback!
Split Belt Pro Tour: Surly Bike Build

Split Belt Pro Tour: Surly Bike Build

Embarking on the Split Belt Pro Tour to the Oregon Outback for 7 days, 360+ miles of blissed out riding, we decided to build up a Surly Straggler 650b. Here's the down and dirty for building up this rig with an Alfine internally geared hub paired with our Split Belt Pro drivetrain.
Brewing an Adventure

Brewing an Adventure

Veer is getting geared up! We are excited to give a teaser for what's in our near future, and hopefully your near future too!  In just a few week...

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