Split Belt Drives engineered with your perfect line in mind. Forged for that blissful stretch of blacktop


First Split Belt, but why?

Now you don't need to buy a new bike to embark on a smooth, easy maintenance, light and innovative ride. With a custom carbon belt and aluminum drive train you can say goodbye to grease or rust. The easy transformation turns your bike into a force to be reckoned with!


Nik Ingle - Berkeley Bike Commuter, Physicist

" When I first looked at the method that Veer devised to allow a belt drive to be used on a standard bike frame I thought, “ Wow, how come nobody else had thought of this?” In my books, that is a very good sign of a truly genius design decision.

   And then you ride the belt drive…  so quiet, so smooth, so clean, and so fun! It has been 4 months of continuous riding. I don’t own a car so I commute and do errands on my bike every day (over 3000 miles) and I still get a smile on my face when I jump on my bike and start to pedal.

Did I mention that a belt drive means you have no external surfaces on your bike that are oily?

The replacement of an oiled metal chain with a belt really is a life altering event!"

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