A Belt Drive for All

Introducing the first split belt drivetrain for any bike frame.

Split Belt M1


Veer Awarded Top 5 for EUROBIKE Start-Up Award


"Competing with product ideas for the EUROBIKE Start-Up Award were 74 young companies. This high number alone shows just how much dynamism and innovative force is contained within the bicycle industry. A preselection phase narrowed these applicants down to those who in the judges’ opinion were the 20 most promising innovations."

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Benefits of our split belt drive


No Frame Splitting

Forget about splitting a frame or purchasing a new belt specific bike. For the first time, Veer's Split Belt enables the rider to use their existing bike by simply swapping out the drivetrain!



Our carbon fiber belts last twice as long or more than your average chain. Through dirt and grime, our system has been through it all and holds up like a champ. 



Feel like you're gliding with our super smooth belt system. It's quieter and more responsive than a chain so you can zen out and enjoy the ride. 


Low Maintenance

Unlike a chain, our split belt is rust-free and only requires a hose down for those real dirty rides. Your belt will not need to be replaced as often as an average chain and requires no chain-lube! Less time working on your bike means more time for riding.

A Solution to a Problem

Until now, if a rider wanted a belt drive on their bike they needed to either buy a new bike with a split frame, or go through the hassle of splitting their current frame. We wanted to make it easier to get belts on every bike, so we split the belt for you instead. We saw a problem and passionately created a solution.

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Veer split belt drive splice with stainless pins.

Gearing up for the furture

The Split Belt Pro is the next generation of our belt drive conversion kits. The kit offers an optimized design, increased compatibility and increased adjustability. Making it easier than ever to convert any bike into your very own belt bike. 

New beltrings are being designed to fit onto a wider set of cranks and spiders. 

We will soon offer rear sprockets that fit the majority of the internally geared hubs on the market today. These include Shimano Alfine and Nexus, Sturmey Archer, and Rohloff. We also fit fixed gear sprockets and are working on freewheel compatibility. 

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Easy Belt Conversions

With our splicing technology it's now a breeze to add a belt to your bike frame. 

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My bike with the Split Belt M1 is so quiet, so smooth, so clean, and so fun! It has been 4 months of continuous riding. I don’t own a car so I commute and do errands on my bike every day (over 3000 miles) and I still get a smile on my face when I jump on my bike and start to pedal.

Nik Ingle, Berkeley Physicist

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