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About Our Belt Drives

Why convert your bicycle to a belt drive?

1. Less Maintenance- Belts don’t need to be lubed regularly, they don’t rust, and if they get dirty just hose them down.

2. Durability- Belts wear slowly and evenly, lasting at least twice as long as chains.  

3. Clean- With no lube, there's no need to roll up your pant legs when you’re headed to work. Don’t worry about getting your hands dirty when tinkering with your belt.

4. Responsive & Smooth- With no belt stretch you feel the direct transfer of power in every stroke. Feel like you’re gliding on your ride.

5. Lighter- Belt drives are about half the weight of chain drives. The belts themselves are about 25% of the weight of a chain, and the sprockets are only slightly heavier.

6. Quiet- The belt drive is so quiet you’ll forget it’s even there.

What are the drawbacks of a belt drive?

Belts don’t work with a derailleur based shifting system. If you want multiple gears, you would have to pair it with an internally geared hub. We do not sell these hubs, but we can recommend what would work best for you. You can also check out our blog on How to Choose an Internally Geared Hub.

How long does the Split Belt™ last?

Belts will last at least twice as long as chains, but often 4x as long depending on care and how you ride it. Some riders have already put as much as 20,000 miles on one belt drive system.

Do you run at a high tension like most belt systems?

We do not. With our fully optimized tooth profile on our sprockets, we are able to run at lower tension, making installation a breeze. 

How do you keep your belt from drifting?

A perfectly aligned chainline when installing your kit is crucial and helps keep the belt on. The guide flanges on the Split Belt™Pro also helps keep the belt from falling off the sprockets. Some rear cogs do not have guide flanges and a little bit (~2mm) of drifting is normal. 

What are the belts made from?

We use carbon fiber reinforced, nitrile rubber belts that are stronger than most belts on bikes currently. 

Do the rivets connecting the belt run into/interfere with the sprockets?

No, they do not. If you have riveted the belt correctly, the pins should be flush against the belt and will not interfere with the sprockets.



Product Range and Compatibility

Will your belt drive fit on my bike?

Please review our Fitment Page to check that our components will fit on your frame. Because beltrings are wider than chainrings, frame clearance can be an issue with some bikes.

Email us at for questions about your specific build. 

How will I know if I'm getting the right size?

We provide belt to chain teeth equivalence on our sprocket product pages so you can be sure to get the size you want. Measuring your chainstay length (center spindle to rear axle) exactly is important for us to cut you the most optimal size belt for your bike.

Also, be sure to check out our Fitment Page to make sure our belt drive fits on your frame. 

What compatibility does Veer offer?

Currently, we offer compatibility with Shimano's Alfine, Nexus, Sturmey Archer, Enviolo, standard freehubs, and other internally geared hubs as part of our Split Belt Pro product line. The Split Belt™ Pro will be a rolling release with compatibility for freewheel coming in the future.

Front belt rings for 5-bolt 130BCD, 5-bolt 110BCD, and 4-Bolt 104BCD crank spider patterns are currently available. More options are currently in development.

Is the Split Belt™Pro compatible with a coaster brake?

Split Belt Pro is compatible with coaster brakes. However, we require that you use redundant hand brakes along with coaster brakes when using our belt drive.

Is the belt drive compatible with Shimano's Di2 electronic shifting?

Yes, if you have the belt drive specific motor unit. The standard electronic motor unit/shifting mechanism near the rear cog does not allow sufficient room for our cogs if you have the standard one meant for chains. The belt drive speciifc unit is model MU-UR510 . Check compatibility with your hub before ordering. 

Does your kit work with full suspension bikes?

A solution for bikes with more than 1.5 cm of chain growth is in the works so be on the lookout for it!

Is your kit compatible with Electric bike mid-drives?

Yes! We believe belt drives are a great upgrade for E-bikes. Many E-bike users chew through their chains frequently and our belt drive will provide a longer lasting alternative. 

We provide support for mid-drives that have a maximum continuous torque of 90Nm. That covers most of the street-legal bikes on the market. 

More beltring options for compatibility with popular electric mid drive systems are in development as well.

Are you compatible with any other belt drives i.e. Gates, Continental, etc.?

We are not. The belts we splice are only compatible with our proprietary sprockets.

How to convert from number of chain teeth to belt teeth for calculating sprocket sizes?

Chain teeth x 1.59 = Belt teeth.

For example, our 72T front beltring is equivalent to a 45T chainring (72/1.59 = 45.28).

Or, a 40T chainring is roughly equivalent to our 64T beltring (40 x 1.59= 63.6).

Does your kit fit on bikes with longer or shorter than average chainstay lengths (i.e. tandems, recumbents, etc.)?

It does! We custom cut our belts to length and can provide belts for tandems, recumbents, cargo, etc. Just provide an exact measurement of your chainstay length (spindle to rear axle) and we will do the rest.


Purchasing, Shipping and Installation

Can I install your conversion kit myself?

Yes! We recommend having prior knowledge of bike maintenance/mechanics. You just need our special Riveting Tool. Otherwise, your local bike mechanic should be able to install it for you.

You can find an installation video here.

How do I measure my minimum chainstay length?

If you have adjustments in your dropouts or bottom bracket, you will want to adjust them so they provide the minimum chainstay length. Once adjusted, you will want to measure from the crank axle to the rear wheel axle. 

Here is a video on how to measure your minimum chainstay length. 

Do you need a special tool to rivet the belt splice together?

Yes. Every Split Belt Pro kit purchased through our website comes with a free installation tool. We also sell a bike shop specific Riveting Tool on our website for shops doing multiple installations. 

Is there a dealer or bike shop in my area?

Please contact us at for information regarding your location, or contact your local bike shop to reach out to us and we can get them a kit.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship worldwide. Shipping costs vary depending on your location.

How can I receive support for my M1 kit?

You can receive full support for your M1 Conversion kit by emailing us at Please include your name and details of how we can help you.

Can I return my order if I don't like it? What do I need to get a full refund?

If for any reason, you do not love your Veer purchase, you may return it for a refund or exchange within 100 days. We are committed to getting you outside and on your bike to explore or just have more fun. 

If our drivetrain doesn't do that for you, then email us at and we can help you with any returns and exchanges. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee!  

All returns addressed within the US are free of charge. Returns outside of the US may need to pay a partial fee dependent on the location.



We want to make sure you benefit from a belt drive conversion. To make sure it’s a perfect match, go ahead and shoot us an email at Or you may fill out the contact box below with your message. Thanks!