Guten Abend Munich

Hallo from a lovely Airbnb in Munich, Germany. Our Veer crew has just settled in after a long day of travel from California.

For those of you that do not know, we are in Europe for one of the world's largest bike trade show, EUROBIKE 2018. Amongst our goals are gaining connections, meeting distributors, and pitching our Split Belt Drive for the Start-Up Awards! 

We are honored to share that we made it to the top 20 entries for the category, and excited to be pitching alongside some very innovative companies. Our Founder/CEO Sean Hacking, and our Product Designer Theron Hawley will be taking the stage on the 7th to share with the world how useful our product is for the bicycle industry. Following up with that we will be conversing and answering questions in a speed-dating fashion. There will be an abundance of incredible and new info you will not want to miss out from!

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Veer Business Manager, Katrina Mounivong