Last Chance Q&A Webinar Recap!


Our equity crowdfunding raise has been nothing short of a productive, and motivating journey. The end of our equity crowdfunding raise is quickly approaching, and we’d love for you to join the Veer Community!


Founder Sean Hacking recently hosted our last chance Q&A + campaign overview webinar. We don’t want you to miss out on this revolutionizing investment opportunity!  Which is why we gave one last overview of the beginning of our campaign, to where we are currently.


In case you missed it, we highly recommend watching. This is your last chance to own a piece of our carbon fiber drivetrains that will combat climate change and contribute to cities' efforts to go green! 


Invest on StartEngine Today Before It's Too Late!


The Veer team is looking to capitalize on an expanding eBike, eScooter, and micro-mobility market on StartEngine. Our goal is to provide a better drive solution as urban transportation evolves to go more electric!