New OEM Partnership: Multicycle!

We are stoked to announce another OEM partnership with a major ebike company, Multicycle! 

Multicycle is a Dutch brand that has been around for decades and is a part of Kross S.A., the largest bike company in Poland.

This will be one of our largest single orders to date, and we look forward to establishing a long-lasting partnership with them.

Multicycle focuses on urban electric bikes, and was founded in the Netherlands - where bikes are widespread and are largely considered a utility rather than purely for lifestyle and recreation. 

Since the pandemic, there has been a major boom in ebike adoption around the world. This especially increased in the Netherlands, where they became so popular that ebikes accounted for more than half a million of the 1.1 million bike sales in 2020.

With the increasing popularity of ebikes (especially urban ebikes), many customers are specifically requesting belt-driven models. Belt drives are low maintenance, clean, and durable - perfect for daily riders who use their bikes to get around.

Multicycle designs classic Dutch-style ebikes with comfort and quality in mind.

Their bikes feature a Shimano Steps mid-drive motor paired with a Nexus rear hub. This combination with Veer's Split Belt results in a fuss-free ride that’s perfect for cruising through town to pick up the last few groceries or to get to work without arriving all sweaty.

Multicycle needed to quickly find belt drives for their bikes for the upcoming season, and most component manufacturers have extremely long lead times due to high demand and supply chain issues. Veer was able to address this urgency and offer a solution. 

We have shorter lead times than our competition at the moment. We achieve this through our flexibility as a smaller company, our strategy of sourcing from multiple countries, airfreighting goods rather than by sending them by sea, and keeping more inventory on hand with the knowledge we can easily move it.

You can find more information regarding Multicycle here!

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