Top 5 Start-Up in Bicycle Industry


"This innovation of a split belt, which is also suitable for retrofitting, represents true progress if the operating principle proves to be successful. It eliminates the drawback of having to modify the frame in order to change the belt, while retaining the already familiar advantages of the belt drive."

- Statement by the EUROBIKE Start-Up Award judges


Veer was amongst 74 young companies competing for the EUROBIKE Start-Up Award. The number of product ideas brought to the table showcased the innovative growth of the bicycle world. 

While preparing for the journey to Europe, we received the grand news that we were selected with 19 other companies tas finalists for the Start-Up category. Each company was provided three minutes to pitch their ideas in the Foyer East at Messe Friedrichshafen. The audience was open to trade visitors, panel of expert judges, and also to the general public. 

Sean Hacking Eurobike Start Up Pitch

The companies brought a wildly broad spectrum of bicycle components, clothing, interactive games, and more! We felt honored to be amongst such a growing and dedicated group of people. The night before the event, after all pitches were given, the judges released the top 5 companies of the group... and we were amongst the 5! 

Muli by muli-cycles   Split Belt Drive by Veer   Wink Bar by Velco   PED by speaRoad   Trenux by Trenux Trailers

 Eurobike Expert Judge Panel Start-Up

Veer Split Belt Eurobike Winner

Theron Hawley Veer Eurobike Start-Up Pitch Winner
Sean Hacking Veer CEO Eurobike Start-Up Winner
Eurobike Start-Up Winner Veer on Sage Titanium Bicycle
Veer Split Belt Eurobike Start-Up Winner
Veer Split Belt Eurobike Start-Up Winner
Veer Split Belt Eurobike Start-Up Winner