Two is Better Than One - Tandem XC

It's been a while since our last exhibition and we are looking forward to our next one. We'll be updating everyone about our upcoming travel plans. However, that's not what we want to chit-chat about today! 

We want to revisit Sea Otter Classic. One of the largest trade shows and races of the year. We've composited some video of two very talented cyclists that represented Veer in their race. James Hawkins and brother Peter Hawkins raced in the 2018 Tandem XC category this past April. 

The Hawkins brothers learned about our company and became quickly fascinated with the proposal of converting any of their bikes into belt driven machines. One of the many advantages of the Split Belt is that is doesn't require the riders or bike builder to split/cut their frame. This has long been a hassle for riders looking to convert, and a speed bump for frame builders. Thus, Peter and James were eager to wear our Veer jerseys and begin the conversation about what they might build for next year's race. 

You can be sure to enjoy viewing the passion behind their builds, as seen on their 2018 Tandem bike build, and maybe expect to see a Split Belt drive mounted on their bike next year. 

Have a race that you'd like to be sponsored in? Contact us. Tell us your story and why it is you would like to ride a belt drive on your current bike?

After watching the video below, check out James Hawkins site at Ridebo is site displaying his custom sports engineering!

Sea Otter Classic 2018 Tandem XC Race from VEER on Vimeo.