Veer Selected Into SD Sport Innovators’ Accelerator Program

We're stoked to announce that Veer has been accepted into the San Diego Sport Innovators’ Accelerator program!

The program offers guiding principles for established companies looking to scale, focusing on sports and active lifestyle industries, such as Veer.

We had a rigorous and highly selective application process. There were many rounds of pitching and in-depth analysis by multiple panelists, with many hours of effort invested before we could move on to the final round and eventually be accepted.

We will be assigned an experienced team that will provide hands-on mentoring tailored to our needs. We will also receive close to 100 hours of direct contact and feedback over the course of the 20-week program.

These Mentors work closely with us to ensure we have the tools needed for success, including:

 - Tapping into the expertise and resources of nearly 50+ C-level executives on the Advisory Board at SDSI.

- Marketing and exposure to SDSI members and SAL industry.

- Business contacts that can lead to new partnerships and help us grow.

- Variety of programs and networking events designed to help us enhance our company.

- Access to a vast amount of new technology and tale

- Advocacy on behalf of San Diego Sport Innovators.

You can read more about the Accelerator Program here!

We already have a strong team with experienced advisors, but having a group dedicated to helping us grow will be another asset to help us not only reach our growth goals for this year, but also maintain them.

We understand that not all startups succeed, but we're confident we'll make it because of our traction to date and the help of seasoned entrepreneurs! It's an honor to be selected to join this accelerator program, and we are more than excited to reap the rewards of this opportunity.

The Veer team is looking forward to keeping you posted on exciting updates and important news. Thank you for your continued support!

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