Why The Split Belt is Unique

One of the most frequently asked questions we get is “How is Split Belt different from other belt drives?”

Veer’s Split Belt utilizes a splice so it can come apart, thread through a rear frame triangle, and come back together like a chain. The splice allows our belt to fit on existing frames without modifying them. So you can enjoy the advantages of a belt drive with the ease of installation like a chain. This is possible with the processes and materials we use, and how we implement them.

Timing chains are not all the same, and belt drives are not all the same. 

We do things differently.

Why Does Our Technology Matter?

One of the many perks of our Split Belt drive is you can use it on your existing frame that you already know and love.

Previously, belt sizes, frame geometry, and drive ratios were limited because you were confined to specific sizes that only come in circular loops. Making a new belt size to fit your existing bike would be expensive.

Every other belt drive out there, the frame had to change to adopt it. We thought that a better way to do this was to create a split in the belt, hence the name Split Belt.

At Veer, we put the freedom back in the rider’s hands and give them a choice to upgrade to a belt drive. 

Veer’s technology works to help riders go farther, and we’re taking it further than ever before with our revolutionary drivetrain technology.

How it Works

Our Split Belt gives riders an unmatched level of control over their cycling experience. Belt drives are better suited for e-bikes than chain drives. They can handle the torque output from mid-drive motors much better, which leads to longer wear life. 

Our belts utilize the highest grade of carbon, is one of the strongest belts in the world, and requires high precision in manufacturing. This is necessary in order for our splice design to maintain its strength. The splice distributes the forces through the belt over a large area (about 35 teeth) so there is no one weak point in Split Belt. 

The Split Belt drive utilizes a simple yet innovative solution to propel your bicycle with almost no maintenance. 

How Does This Allow us to Move Forward in Vehicle and Bike Design?

Vehicle designers like the idea of not having to tweak everything to make a belt drive work. They had to design bikes and vehicles around specific sizes and a closed loop, usually by designing a break in the frame to accommodate the belt drive.

Our belt drive drops right in, which gives you huge benefits that a normal chain drive wouldn’t:

  • Long wear life
  • Silent operation
  • No oiling
  • No cleaning

We’re also working on making the only shifting belt drive for electric vehicles that shifts gears natively, so you don’t need a separate transmission. We’ve built the shifting into the final drive system, which gives you up to a 15% better range and acceleration. More news about this to come.

We’re excited to dive into some more of the technical aspects and advantages going forward.

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At Veer, our mission is to inspire people to get out and explore and create the products to help get them there. On a larger scale, we want to help facilitate the large adoption of light electric vehicles to push micro-mobility as not only a valid means of transportation, but one of the main forms of transportation in urban areas. 

Our drivetrain is designed to get you moving. Whether it’s enjoying a casual ride to the store or taking part in an epic downhill mountain bike race, the possibilities are endless. 

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Stay tuned for an update surrounding Veer’s next investor Q&A Webinar. Bring your burning questions and comments to get them answered live!