Veer’s Split Belt™️ Installation is as Easy as 1..2..3!


Hi everyone! CEO of Veer, Sean Hacking here.


For your convenience, we’ve created an installation video to show you just how easy and low maintenance it is to install our Split Belt™️ ️onto your existing standard bike frame. This is specifically for aftermarket installations, factory installations utilize different tools and is a faster process. 


Here is a quick overview of the few simple steps it takes to get our bomb-proof carbon belt drivetrains onto Shimano’s Alfine and Nexus hubs:


  • Mount rear cog onto hub.
  • Install rear wheel and tighten.
  • Slide the axel towards the front of the bike, then check the alignment.
  • Take a straight edge and make contact with the edge of the front sprocket at 2 different points, then compare alignment with the rear cog (the edge should be 2.5mm from the cog).
  • Thread belt through rear triangle. The belt’s “male” end points in the direction that it travels.
  • Align belt splice and insert rivets. The rivet heads should be flush against the belt.
  • Clinch rivets with a riveting tool until the rivet splays. There will be a “pop” sound or feel to it.
  • Carefully mount the belt onto the beltring and cog, but make sure to not force it on.
  • Tension the belt until it is nice and taught.


And just like that, you’re ready to ride!


This video is meant as a visual guide for the installation process and gives you a good idea of what installation is like on other systems, but doesn’t include all the relevant information that is needed.


For more helpful tips and details on this process, please be sure to check out our Quick Start Guide Manuals!


We hope this helps, and if you still have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to the Veer team.


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