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Single Speed Belt Drive - Split Belt Pro

Single Speed Belt Drive - Split Belt Pro

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There is something so enjoyable about riding a single speed bike in its purest, simplest form. Less moving parts means less weight, less maintenance, and ease of use that's pretty appealing. Upgrading your chain-driven single speed to a belt drive just increases those advantages even more.

The Split Belt™ Pro saves you even more weight as the entire belt drive system weighs about the same as just a chain itself. With a responsive and smooth pedal feel you can really zen out on your rig. The "spray it off and forget about it" maintenance of our drivetrain is hard to beat too.

Our durable, robust drivetrain lasts 3x as long as your traditional chain components and is just as strong. The Split Belt™ Pro is the next generation of belt drivetrains that allows you to enjoy the benefits of a belt on your bike, without needing a split in your frame. 

Slap on our reliable, ease-free drivetrain on your single-speed setup for the ultimate pure cycling experience. 

Make your life easier and upgrade your bike to a belt drive. 



  • Slotted teeth shed mud and debris readily
  • CNC machined for high precision
  • Case hardened Chromoly and nickel-plated for exceptional abrasion resistance
  • Proprietary sprocket flanges provide perfect belt guidance
  • Run at lower tension than most belt drivetrains, installation is easy


  • Abrasion-resistant tooth facing for longer life of your components
  • Splice meets ISO standards for strength equivalent to chain
  • Splice allows belt to be joined through rear frame triangle
  • Improved flexibility leads to higher efficiency and is more resistant to damage
  • Not adjustable after installation
  • Made of H-NBR rubber, reinforced with carbon fiber cords
  • Rubber is resistant to temperature, oxidation, and chemicals. Made of one of the most durable rubbers you can buy
  • Joined by stainless steel rivets that will never rust
Items Included in Kit
  • 14mm custom sized, spliced, carbon fiber belt
  • Front Beltring (72T and 64T options)
  • 30T or 28T Single Speed Freehub HG Rear Cog
  • Freehub Spacers Set
  • Rivets
  • Rivet Tool
  • Chainring Bolt Spacers
  • Does not include freehub or lockring
Helpful Videos

We recommend having at least 8mm of horizontal adjustment in your dropouts or bottom bracket to properly tension the belt drive.

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  • Hello, Just wondering about using this system on a Fixed Gear bike. Does the rear COG just attach the same way that a fixed COG would attach?

    Unfortunately we do not have a fixed gear cog available at the moment. This cog is compatible with 9-spline freehubs and we will be releasing a thread-on freewheel cog this summer!

  • where do you measure for the chain stay length? -mario

    Here is a video on how to measure the minimum chainstay length!

  • Hello, I am excited of the possibility of switching to a belt drive. Will this work on both sides of a flip-flop hub, i.e., on the fixed gear side, or just the free hub side?

    Unfortunately, this will not work on a flip-flop hub if it has the thread-on freewheel mounting and fixed gear mounting. This is compatible with standard 9-spline freehubs. However, we do have a freewheel cog in development and hope to have it available in the near future!

  • How large in diameter are the 64 & 72 BCD 130 chainrings? I have a 52 or 54 currently on my bike and it takes up most of the space for a chainring so I want to ensure these aren't too big.

    Our 64T ring has an outer diameter of 170mm and the 72T ring is 190mm. Both rings are 18mm wide.