Split Belt™ Pro Bicycle Belt Drive Kit

Split Belt™ Pro Bicycle Belt Drive Kit

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The Split BeltPro is the next generation of belt drivetrains that allows you to enjoy the benefits of a belt on the bike of your choice, without needing a split in your frame.

Cycling should be smooth, responsive, and worry free. Our drivetrain doesn't require grease or regular maintenance, so you can spend less time tinkering with your bike and more time riding or relaxing.

Our durable, robust drivetrain lasts 3x as long as your traditional chain components and is just as strong. Stop constantly wearing through your components and having to swap out parts of your drivetrain. Slap on our reliable drivetrain for your next bikepacking or touring adventure, allowing you to go further and worry less.

Make your life easier and upgrade your bike to a belt drive.

We require having at least 8mm of horizontal adjustment in your dropouts to properly tension the belt drive.

** Not compatible with Shimano Di2 systems



  • Slotted teeth shed mud and debris readily
  • CNC machined for high precision
  • Case hardened Chromoly and nickel-plated for exceptional abrasion resistance
  • Proprietary sprocket flanges provide perfect belt guidance
  • Run at lower tension than most belt drivetrains, installation is easy
  • 72T/30T combo for 2.4:1 gear ratio, 64T/30T combo for 2.13:1 gear ratio


  • Abrasion resistant tooth facing for longer life of your components
  • Splice meets ISO standards for strength equivalent to chain
  • Splice allows belt to be joined through rear frame triangle
  • Improved flexibility leads to higher efficiency and is more resistant to damage
  • Not adjustable after installation
  • Made of H-NBR rubber, reinforced with carbon fiber cords
  • Rubber is resistant to temperature, oxidation, and chemicals. Made of one of the most durable rubbers you can buy
  • Joined by stainless steel rivets that will never rust

* We require having at least 8mm of horizontal adjustment in your dropouts to properly tension the belt drive.

** Not compatible with Shimano Di2 systems

Items Included in Kit
  • 14mm custom sized, spliced, carbon fiber belt
  • Front Belt Ring (72T and 64T options)
  • Rear Sprocket (Multiple mounting patterns in 30T size)
  • Rivets
  • Chainring Bolt Spacers

* We require having at least 8mm of horizontal adjustment in your dropouts to properly tension the belt drive.

** Not compatible with Shimano Di2 systems

Helpful Videos

*Riveting Tool required*

* We require having at least 8mm of horizontal adjustment in your dropouts to properly tension the belt drive.

** Not compatible with Shimano Di2 systems

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Questions & Answers

Ask a Question
  • Is the riveting tool available? If so, how much does it cost?

    Hi Em,    The Riveting Tool is available and you can find it for sale on our product page. It costs $29 USD. Cheers!

  • Are horizontal adjustable dropouts needed? How is tension maintained?

    At the moment, hotizontal dropouts, eccentric bottom bracket, or another form of tensioning is needed. We plan on releasing a Tensioner Pro for vertical dropouts around summer. Cheers!

  • So only someone with an internal geared rear hub can use you products? It seems you have stopped making the single speed version.

    Hello Dean. Yes you are correct at the moment. We are doing a rolling release of different compatibility with hubs. We will be developing a standard freehub sprocket and then a thread on freewheel and fixie compatible kit. You can keep up to date with the progress in our emails or contact us to ask more questions.

  • Have you designed them to go on bmx bikes

    Unfortunately, we are still developing a potential belt drive for bmx bikes. You can stay updated with our new releases via our mailing list or website blog. Cheers!

  • Hello it would be interesting to know if I could run the belt also with a Gates rear sprocket, because a 30 T sprocket is too big for my Brompton frame, Cheers

    Unfortunately, we are not compatible with any of Gates sprockets. We utilize a wider 14mm belt compared to their 12mm belt and we are not compatible with their Centertrack design. We plan on releasing smaller sprockets in the future so keep an eye out!

  • What is the chain, err belt line with a Rohloff system?

    The belt line for the Rohloff system and our belt drive is 54.7mm (center of frame to center of belt). Cheers!

  • Hi, is it a special riveting tool or will any riveting tool do the trick?

    Our Riveting Tool is specially designed for our Rivets. Unfortunately we do not know of any other Riveting Tools that would work. However, depending on your location, a local bike shop may have the Riveting Tool for you to borrow.

  • Can you purchase the Split Belt Pro Belt and only the belt?

    Yes you can! On our products page there is an option for ordering just a replacement belt. You can also email us at hello@veercycle.com and we can set up a custom order for you as well. Cheers!

  • Have you tested with ebikes of various power and torque, and if so do you have a max motor power / torque the belt can safely support?

    Our belt drive is rated to a continuous torque of 90Nm. Most standard mid-drives (Bosch, Shimano Steps, etc.) will work with our belt drive!

  • Any plans for smaller front belt ring as I am a bikepacker adventurer? Having a vertical Dropout tensioner and a smaller front belt ring, I would have bought the kit immediately with an extra belt of course. 😁

    Our Tensioner Pro for vertical dropouts is currently in development and we hope to have to available early 2021. Smaller front beltrings are also in the plans but those won't come until a bit later as we have a few other projects first. If you sign up for our mailing list we send out all release updates there!

  • Will you be making the split belt compatible with most ebikes very soon, with emphasis on a compatible the front sprocket based on frame shape?

    Hi Roger,
    Great question! Yes we are working hard on this, and hope to have many more ebike belt drives available. 

    What are you looking for specifically?

  • Is it possible for me to adjust the length of the belt?

    We do not recommend adjusting the length of the belt yourself since it takes some precision to not damage the carbon fiber cords. If you need a new belt length please email us at hello@veercycle.com and we can help you out!