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Split Belt M1 - Convert Your Ride


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Cycling should be smooth, responsive, and worry free. Our Split Belt Drive replaces the chain line on your multi-speed machine with a single-speed synchronous belt. Enabled by a state-of-the-art splicing system that allows the belt to be joined through the rear frame triangle, you'll have access to the many benefits of belts: low maintenance, noise, weight, and stretch. 

Included in Order:

  • Belt Ring
  • Rear Sprocket
  • Tensioner
  • Custom Belt


  • 66-tooth crank ring (42-tooth chain equivalent) 
  • 24-tooth sprocket (15-tooth chain equivalent) 
  • 2.75:1 drive ratio 
  • Alternating tooth profile clears mud and grime
  • Full 7075 alloy construction offers exceptional strength
  • Titanium hardware
  • Belts are individually tailored to perfectly fit your frame
  • Not compatible with internally geared hubs. Please reference our Split Belt Pro!


  • Derailleur hanger, as seen.
  • 5-bolt, 130 BCD crank spider  
  • Frame clearance for a 42-tooth chain ring 
  • Standard 9-spline freehub body with freehub nut (same mounting as Shimano and SRAM cassettes)
  • For full-suspension frames, chain growth less than 1.5 cm

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  • is this compatible with the Alfine hub?

    The M1 kit is not compatible with an Alfine hub.

    However, our Split Belt Pro that is slated to release in the fall will have campatibility with most internally geared hubs (Alfine, Rohloff, Nuvinci, Sturmey Archer, etc.), freewheels, and fixed gears.

    Be on the lookout for it!

  • How many watts can it handle. Can I use it with a Bafang BBSHD (1000W nominal).

    Our current Split Belt M1 is not compatible with E-bikes.
    However, our Split Belt Pro is set to release in the fall and will offer compatibilty with certain electric hub and mid-drives, including Bafang.

  • Is this recommended for mountain bikes?

    Yes it is! We have a few mountain bikes running the beltdrive ourselves. We plan on releasing a tensioner for full-suspension mountain bikes that have more than 1.5cm of chain growth following our Split Belt Pro release. Sometimes mountain bikes are a little trickier to convert as the frame can sometimes run into the front beltring. I would recommend emailing us at hello@veercycle.com with details of your conversion to make sure our kit will fit your ride perfectly. Cheers!

  • Do you have a fixed gear version?

    Our Split Belt Pro coming in the fall will offer a fixed gear version. Be on the lookout for it!