Pre-Order: VanMoof Belt Drive Upgrade

Pre-Order: VanMoof Belt Drive Upgrade

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Experience your VanMoof as it should have been: belt driven. Upgrade your chain drive for zero maintenance and incredible durability. Silent and clean operation, improved performance, and 900g lighter than when you bought it.

This system was specially designed and tested for VanMoof riders only, and utilizes the Patent Pending Split Belt system to eliminate the need for a split frame to mount the belt. In fact, no modifications to your bicycle are needed at all, besides removing the old chain-based components and adding the Carbon Fiber belt system in it's place.

Pre-Order now to be first in line to feel the future of urban cycling.

Deliveries-begin October 2020! Ships from Netherlands.

Free, no-questions returns for 90 days.

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  • Carbon Fiber, Aerospace Aluminum, Nickle-Steel construction for durability, strength, and weight savings
  • No oil and minimal cleaning-VanMoof is ready to ride whenever you are
  • 2X-5X the lifetime of a chain means no hassle, lower lifetime costs, and fewer repair shop visits
  • Replacing the chain components saves ~900g for improved performance and portability
  • Zero belt stretch further improves durability makes you feel more connected to your bike
  • Veer Turbine Tensioner keeps the belt at the perfect tension, and makes removing the rear wheel quick and easy.
  • 18 Certified partner shops in the Amsterdam and Berlin areas - Just drop off your bike for installation
  • Total system weight: 360g

Again, this is a Pre-Order with deliveries to begin October 2020.

Questions & Answers

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  • Does it work good with S3 e-shifter?

    Yes! Upgrading to our belt drive does not change the e-shifting of the bike.

  • I am interested in retrofitting my VanMoof X2 with your Belt Drive Upgrade. Can I do the retrofitting job myself? If not, what service can you provide at what costs? Can the upgrade be rolled back to the original drive train, i.e. all concerning/original parts remain re-usable (except the belt obviously)? How is the belt secured from running off the rear sprocket? Concerning the X2: is it possible to choose for a different gear ratio (smaller rear sprocket and/or larger front chain wheel)? I want to achieve higher speeds with lower pedal cadans than as provided by the standerd X2 gear ratio. Thanks in advance. Hope I can decide soon for a pre-order.

    Yes, you can definitely do the retrofitting yourself! We have a video on how to install our standard belt drive. If you do not feel comfortable doing it yourself then you can bring it into a bike shop, rates vary. Unless you are located in the Bay Area in California then we can do it for you. 

    Yes, you can roll back the upgrade to the original drivetrain and everything stay re-usable besides the belt. 

    There are guides on the front sprocket that make guides on the rear cog unnecessary. Your drivetrain should be aligned perfectly so with the guides up front, the belt does not run off the rear. 

    The X2 has cranks with a 5-bolt 110BCD mounting pattern. We will be making a 64T 110BCD beltring for the Vanmoof release and not another size unfortunately. We do have a 72T 5-bolt 130BCD beltring if you wanted to change out your cranks to accommodate the larger size. 

    Let us know if you have other questions! You can email us at as well.